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Mark Harmon and Michael Northam


May 2014


Oakland Judo promotion May 2014

Congratulations to Mark Harmon and Michael Northam, promoted on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 to shodan (1st degree black belt) and yonkyu (green belt), respectively.

Mark came to us last year as a brown belt, having done most of his training with Willy Cahill in San Bruno. His hard work, dedication, excellent technique and commitment to the club have earned him a level up. The bosses get harder to beat from now on!

Mike started judo about a year and a half ago and has worked consistently to improve his skills. His willingness to try new things and always keep getting up show his great spirit. In fact after the belt ceremony Mark landed on Mike during randori and we thought he was dead! But then he popped right back up again. (Just kidding, we knew he wasn’t dead.)

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