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Shintaro Nakano CENCO Judo Clinic May 30th

Skills clinic for all ages and all belt levels with a high level judoka. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Northern California Judo Club

Judo skills training clinic with Shintaro Nakano


May 30th 2015 9:30 AM-1:00 PM

Shintaro Nakano – Godan
• Instructor as San Jose State University Judo Team
• 6 times 60K and 66K All Japan Industrial Champion
• 2004 U.S. Open Champion

USJF Sanction # 15-05-02
Sponsored by: CENCO Yudanshakai

Coaches and students please join us for a clinic to prepare for competition and build other judo skills. We welcome all students. Coaches and instructors please come with your judo gi and participate as well.
Eligibility: Participants must present current USJF, USJI or USJA membership card. Those without a valid registration will be required to register with USJF or USJA at registration desk to be allowed to participate in the clinic.

Registration fee:
$10.00 for CENCO members
$20.00 for all others
Cash or check payable to

Information/Registration Packet

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