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Blast from the past

Keeping track of your training, always a good idea.

Keeping track of your training, always a good idea.

I was decluttering today and found this old bracket sheet from a judo tournament way back in 1996. What great memories! I don’t remember this tournament specifically, but it looks like I won this one. Thanks to the notes I know I used tai-otoshi to win by yuko in the first match and got ippon in the second match, using a fireman’s carry (kata-guruma) to score waza-ari and finished with a pin.

I went to a lot of tournaments but rarely went to the trouble of getting a copy of the bracket sheet or even taking notes. I highly recommend keeping a record of your training and competition, no matter what sport and what the result. You can go back to it later and gain some fresh insight (also 20 years later it makes good fodder for your blog).

There might be an app for that nowadays, but even a little pen and paper journal works well. Just jot down the date and a few notes – something like “Randori with Sensei Leon – tried seoinage to ko-uchi-gari with some success but I still feel slow” or “Learned a new setup for lapel choke from the back today”.

When you join the United States Judo Federation you also get a little vinyl booklet that you can record your shiai record in. If you want one let me know, we have a few extra laying around.

How many of you keep a journal of your training or competition? If you haven’t yet, start today!

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