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A great weekend at the state championships

Four of us competed this past weekend at the California State Judo Championships, and we came home with three gold medals, two in the novice division and one in the Master’s division. More importantly we had a great time and tested ourselves outside the dojo.  Videos are coming soon, but in the meantime here are some nice pictures.

Competition isn’t the only purpose of judo. You can have a good judo experience without entering tournaments. But you are encouraged to give it a try. Also, it will be difficult to become a black belt without ever competing. Even if you don’t have a taste for it, how will you help prepare others for tournaments if you yourself never compete?

Dr. Feng told me once (probably more than once) to always say yes to a challenge. If you face a challenging situation, always accept the challenge. What could happen? You could win, which is a great feeling and helps build confidence for future challenges. Or you could lose, which means you learned a lot, and fast. You exposed yourself and learned where your weaknesses are. The next time, you’ll be better. Win or lose, it’s an incredibly valuable experience.

The next tournament is Sunday, May 22nd in Alameda, followed by Sunday, June 12th in Santa Clara. 💪😎😀🙋

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