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Nick Del Popolo Highlights 2015

Check out this highlight reel from Team USA -73kg athlete and two-time Olympian Nick Del Popolo, set to an edited version of Arnold’s inspiring “Six Rules of Success.”

Nick Del Popolo is ranked #1 in the U.S. and #14 in the world at -73kg and has already qualified for the Rio Olympics, but he needs our help to get ready. It appears there are some ugly political battles being fought at USA Judo (the official National Governing Board for judo in the U.S., reporting to the U.S. Olympic Committee), with the end result being that Nick, despite being an extremely talented and accomplished athlete representing the United States, is getting much less funding than the other athletes on Team USA.

(For full details, head to the facebook page of vocal USA Judo critic Lynn Pearce Thursby – it’s public, you don’t need to be her friend to see her posts. Long story short, there appears to be some cronyism, self-dealing, and possibly outright theft by the board of directors and CEO of USA Judo.)

Click here to visit Nick’s website. You can donate directly via Paypal or buy t-shirts and posters.

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