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Is judo safe?

Judo is very safe. The first thing new students learn is how to fall properly. This is called ukemi, and it is the most basic and vital skill in all of judo. If you can’t fall properly, you can’t do judo safely. Through a variety of exercises you will be introduced to proper ukemi. 

I’ve never done judo before. What will the first class be like?

To do judo you should wear a judo uniform, known as a gi. We have loaner gis available, but it’s also fine to take your first class in shorts and a t-shirt. If you decide to join you’ll need a gi – we have them available for sale. Click here to register for a free trial class.

Class begins with a formal line-up and bow. After that a good warmup and stretching so that everyone is a bit sweaty. At that point most new students will be separated from the main class for small group instruction in ukemi – how to fall safely.  If you have judo or grappling experience and already know how to fall, you’re welcome stay with the main class.

In the adult class, the second half of class is randori, or free practice (judo rolling/sparring). Randori has different levels of intensity, but in general it’s good to remember that randori is about practice and getting better, not winning at all costs. Taking a good fall is just as important to your development as completing a good throw.

Judo has some traditions. Some rules and tips:

  • Bow when you enter the training hall and when you get on and off the mat, towards the mat.
  • Once class begins, do not leave the mat without permission of a black belt. We take group water breaks at specified times.
  • When you sit on the mat, sit in the seiza position (legs folded under yourself) or cross-legged.
  • When working with a partner start and finish with a bow. If someone bows to you, return the bow.

How much does it cost?

Click here to check all our membership plans!


What is the United States Judo Federation?

The USJF is a national organization created to provide structure for grass-roots judo in the United States. They provide insurance for all judo activities and put on tournaments and clinics to help develop judo. USJF also gives out monetary awards to outstanding young athletes and scholar-athletes to help them with training expenses.

Oakland Judo is a registered member of the United States Judo Federation, and our local chapter is the Central Coast Judo Association. All members are required to join USJF – click here to learn more.


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