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alex-23Dr. Alex Feng received a black belt at age nineteen in judo and jujitsu. He holds a second-degree black belt in Kodenkan jujitsu and a fourth-degree black belt in judo. Sensei Alex started teaching internal and external systems of gong fu, judo and jujitsu in 1966. In 1967, he was the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation national heavyweight champion in Judo.

IMG_4452 (1)Jonah Ewell started training at eight years old with Dr. Feng, learning judo and kung fu. After a short break he re-started at age twelve and trained more or less continuously through high school and college, competing in lots of regional, state and national tournaments. He was captain of the wrestling team in high school and also has experience with kickboxing, boxing, and tae kwon do. He has a second-degree black belt in judo and a blue belt in Brazilian jiujitsu under Omar Kasdi, affiliated with Rio Combat Team and Team Carlson Gracie.

Jonah is the head instructor of Oakland Judo and has the following certifications

leonjudo-22 (1)Leon Kenin grew up in Berkeley where he began learning judo at age eight with Dr. Feng. A lifetime member of the United States Judo Association, a member of the United States Judo Federation, and a member of United States Judo Inc., he has competed in California at the youth level, at the national collegiate level as a member of the Princeton Judo Team, and internationally at the adult level.  Leon has been teaching Judo since the mid 1980s. He founded and ran a Judo school in Jerusalem, Israel. He also founded the youth Judo program at the Downtown Berkeley YMCA, as well as running Kenin Kan Judo Club. Leon practices Traditional Chinese Medicine at Be Well Acupuncture and Herbs in Oakland and is the father of four children, who all practice Judo. Follow him on twitter at @ALKenin.

Alan Aki also grew up in Berkeley and started taking judo at age 12 with Tone Shimizu and Mike Grunwald at To Bay Dojo.  He continued training and competing throughout high school, and took a hiatus partway through college.  He and his wife perform with the Mahea Uchiyama Center for International Dance in Berkeley.  Alan primarily plays the toere (Tahitian log drum) and ‘ukuleles (both Hawaiian and Tahitian) and has appeared on a few of Kumu Mahea’s cds, while his wife dances.  They also have two young children who they hope will take up both hobbies.

Michael P. Terry  – Michael took his first judo class in his late 30’s and worked steadily to get his black belt several years later. It’s never too late to start judo!

Mark Harmon – Mark grew up in the bay area and received his brown belt from judo legend Willy Cahill. Mark joined Oakland Judo in 2013 and shortly thereafter received his shodan (first degree black belt). His favorite throw is jiujitsu.

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