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Brazilian Jiujitsu


Brazilian Jiujitsu Coach Jose Ortega and his son Angel.

Oakland Judo is very pleased to offer Brazilian jiujitsu classes as part of our curriculum. Adult classes are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm, and kids classes are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6pm. Click here to view our full schedule.

Brazilian Jiujitsu is a martial art that is closely related to judo. They share common roots in traditional Japanese jujitsu, both use a gi, and both are grappling arts that do not usually use punching or kicking.

The difference between them is emphasis. While it does have a well-developed ground game, judo emphasizes throwing skills, and the competition rules reflect this. If there is no progress on the ground towards a pin or submission, judo players will be stood back up so they can try to throw each other again, aiming for the perfect throw that will score ippon.

Conversely, while jiujitsu competitions start on the feet, and points are awarded for takedowns, the emphasis is on ground control, positional dominance, and submissions. Because there are usually no “stand-ups” in a jiujitsu competition, the pace can be slightly slower than a judo match, which gives players a chance to develop more intricate ground strategies.

Coach Jose Ortega is a purple belt in Brazilian jiujitsu under Diogo Gomes of Rio Combat.

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